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Adoption is a lifelong process for providing a permanent loving and safe home to a child in need. At times, the adoption process can be complicated and full of surprises for the adoptive parents. They face a daunting variety of physical and emotional special needs of a child, as well as life-altering decisions all at once; and frequently do not know where to turn for support. 

As part of this process, it is critical for adoptive families to have access to pre- and post-placement support and resources to strengthen their families and enable them to remain stable to handle the challenges of being an adoptive family. NewFound Families has created this packet to provide prospective and current adoptive parents with support and resources to find answers to their questions, as well as strengthen their families, and overcome those challenges. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that are not addressed through the resources and support provided in our tipsheets or website. Contact can be made by email at or calling 1-888-2FOSTER.

NewFound Families Adoption Tipsheet Packet: A summary of Virginia's resources and services for Adoption.

Children Available for Adoption

North American Council on Adoptable Children

This organization has may resources for informing families about adoption and the adoption process. Check out these great publication on adoption subsidies!

Virginia Fact Sheet:

UMFS offers a network for Adoption Preservation Services to assist adoptive families who may need continued counseling, assessment, support, and referral advice after adoptions have been finalized to help stabilize the adoption and prevent disruption. UMFS offers services that can be key to preserving the adoptive family in the months or even years that follow an adoption. Any adoptive family in Virginia, regardless of the origin of the adoption, can participate in the AFP program. Families can access the program through a toll-free phone number and are referred to the closest site geographically. Services provided include case management, counseling, crisis intervention, parent support groups and children. Contact this program for a referral by calling 866-558-3533.

NewFound Families offers...10 Things Every Foster-to-Adopt Parent in Virginia Should Know

Help any child who has become a part of your family to understand the unique life process they are experiencing by creating a life book of thoughts, information and memories. Sign up for e-newsletter, free tips and other helpful tools online. Adoption Life Books

The North American Council on Adoptable Children advocates for adoption tax credits as well as tracks changes and implementation of federal adoption tax credits. The Adoption Tax credits provides an opportunity for adoptive parents to secure tax benefits for the costs incurred through adoption. Learn more...Adoption Tax Credit

Learn about the policies and procedures for Adopting from Foster Care in Virginia.

Become a Adoptive Parent, Learn More....Adoptive Parent

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) provides guidance, policy, and regulation impacting adoption from foster care. On the Adoption page of the VDSS website you will find many helpful resources to help understand adoption in Virginia as well as an informational guide for families about adoption assistance negotiations in Virginia. Adoption Guide

Adoption Assistance for Children Adopted From Foster Care published in February 2011 by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. 

NewFound Families was a part of the VDSS workgroup responsible for the development of the Virginia Enhanced Maintenance Assessment Tool (VEMAT). This tool is intended to ensure that the financial support needed to care for children in foster care or adopted from foster care are assessed equally across the Commonwealth. To support the VDSS work on this important tool, NewFound Families developed the Parent's Guide to VEMAT to help you prepare for a VEMAT meeting. This Guide has not yet been updated to model the new VEMAT tool, however it is considered to continue to offer guidance to parents about how to prepare for a VEMAT review.

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