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Welcome to the foster care page of the NewFound Families website. We are an organization of families who have experienced child welfare from many perspectives so the articles we will place here are the ones that most families have found to be helpful in their foster parent journey.

Foster parenting is a process for ensuring that children have temporaries homes where they can be safe and nurtured while decisions are made by the child welfare service system and the courts about the birth parents ability to care for their children. The child welfare system is also responsible for identifying relatives of the children who may also be able to take over the care of the children, so that children do not remain in foster care. These processes as well as the lengthy home study approval process can create anxiety and frustration for families giving their hearts and time to children who have experienced trauma, neglect, or abandonment. It is important for families engaging in foster care to understand that it is government's first responsibility to keep families, together, and to ensure that any family approved by government for nurturing and keeping children safe are trained and reviewed, adequately.

Foster parents are a vital component to keeping children safe and helping them heal from the impact of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or removal from their family home. As a foster parent, you will be required to have background checks for every adult living in your home, home inspections/studies, and pre-service/in-service training. The training process is essential to helping foster parents understand their role in the care of children in foster care and identify parenting strategies for children who have faced traumatic experiences. During these lengthy processes we recommend families use this time to gather information from others about fostering and prepare your home and family for the children.

There are times when foster parents are asked to provide a more permanent home for older youth when adoption is not an option. This may be because the youth wants to retain a lifelong connection with birth family members or an adoptive family has not been able to be approved for the youth.

The road traveled by foster families is often complicated and full of surprises.  Navigating the path is not always clear, and frequently seems uncharted.  Families find themselves wanting answers and sometimes not knowing the questions to ask.  Many foster parents may face a daunting variety of physical and emotional special needs, and frequently don't know where to turn. NewFound Families seeks to support families through these challenges. We can help foster families to identify support and resources so that in spite of challenges, the experience for both parents and the children in foster care is rewarding and mutually beneficial.

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