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DATE: August 23, 2011

TO: Local Department of Social Services Directors, Foster Care and Adoption

Supervisors and Staff, Licensed Child Placing Agencies, FACES of Virginia’s Families

FROM: Jack Ledden, Director, Division of Family Services

Therese Wolf, Foster Care Program Manager

Rita Katzman, Child Protective Services Program Manager


SUBJECT: Foster Family Evacuations Due to Weather Conditions: Procedures for Tracking Children in Foster Care

CONTACT: Therese Wolf, Foster Care Program Manager (804)-726-7522 or

Due to the potential for flooding and power outages as a result of Hurricane Irene, some local departments of social services (LDSS) may be closing. In addition, some foster parents may also elect to evacuate their homes if weather conditions are, or may become, extreme. If your locality does not have a procedure in place to track the whereabouts of these children and families, the following procedures must be followed to ensure that the location of all children in foster care who may be temporarily displaced due to weather conditions are known.

Agency Closures

If your LDSS does not normally forward the phone to the Child Protective Services/Adult Protective Services hotline and your agency is anticipating closing, please put a message on your agency voice mail system for foster parents who decide to leave their home due to weather conditions to contact the state hotline at 800-552-7096 to provide the following information:

  • Name, address and contact information of foster parent(s)
  • Name and DOB of foster child(ren) in the home
  • LDSS that has custody of the child
  • If applicable, name and contact number for the private child placing agency with whom the child is placed.

VDSS and FACES of Virginia Families are also posting similar instructions for foster parents on their websites in case the foster parent cannot reach the LDSS.

Private Licensed Child Placing Agencies (LCPA)

LCPA’s who have procedures in place to track the whereabouts of foster parents and children who have evacuated due to the weather must also notify the state through the CPS hotline regarding the whereabouts of all children in their care as indicated above.



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