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You are MY family! You have done everything to make me feel a part of everything going on during the holidays. I am so appreciative. Please know that, because at some point I might withdraw a bit and remember my birth mom and dad. I might wonder what they are doing. I know I belong here and I do love it here, but there might be some time that I need to myself just to remember. 

1. You may be able to help me with a special card that just lets me know you are here to listen and that I can say what is on my mind. I don't want to hurt you, so giving me permission to talk could help.

2. If I have a good relationship with my birth grandparents or cousins, you might consider asking them to give me a call...if that would be safe.

3. I would love to have my own special tradition with you like you have with your other kids. Could we think up something together or you could just surprise know me VERY well.

Generally, I won't start feeling withdrawn till after all the festivities, so just check in on me...but, not so everyone notices! Thanks!

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