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As the new year approaches, we are not asking you to open your wallets to help fund our work. We know that every dime you have is being invested in the children you are raising. AND, that is where your money should go..we will find our own funds to continue to work for you.

We DO need your time, though. 

We NEED you to be the CHANGE you want to see in Virginia.

Please join us this legislative session as we educate Virginia's law-makers about the work of adoptive, foster, and kinship families. We want them to know what you put into this work that defines YOU. They need to know about the children you love and care for; about the finances you put into the work; and about the needs of the children that cannot be met through current government resources. We need legislators to embrace the needs of children as much as you do. They belong to civic organizations, faith-based communities, and corporate boards. There is so much more they can do to help you help children than just pass laws and state budgets, but to do so they must know the needs of children in their community. 

Join us for a webinar on January 11, 2017 as a part of YOUR New Year's reach out to legislators and educate them about what they can do beyond the Capitol to help our children.  Of course, we will also be discussing what can be done this General Assembly session as well. 

We believe change begins at the community level and that our work in the community will inspire change at the state level.

Join us January 11, 2017 at 8 PM with your cup of coffee and in your PJs as we learn together how to advocate in our communities and throughout our state. (Be sure to join in a little early, if you have not used our webinar system in the past, as you may be required to download software.)

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