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NewFound Families is pleased to have the opportunity to provide our first 4 day, 3 night event for families and workers. For years now families have enjoyed respite camps for the whole family to unplug and renew. This year, based on feedback and requests we have scheduled a longer camp-like experience in a resort setting. 


Education, Respite, & Family Time: There is little more that can ensure the success of families than the opportunity to learn new skills; secure new knowledge; spend time with one another unplugged from everyday life; and developing new friends and support networks.

WE BELONG TOGETHER! And, you belong with us.

We are pleased to have had so many great partners helping us with securing the workshops and keynotes that you will experience this year. A big shout out to these volunteer partners: Diana Tracey, NewFound Families Board Member; Gardenella Green, CRAFFT; Chasity Fitzpatrick, VDSS; George Mack, Project LIFE; Talia Brown, Project LIFE: Kelly Henderson, Formed Families Forward; Jamie Nye, Anthem Healthkeepers; Patrick Plourde, Sussex County DSS; Charlene White; and Arnie Eby, Maryland Foster Parent Association. We are also graced with amazing regional ambassadors who have also been hard at work: Lisa Mathey, Jennifer Jones, Crystal Hype, Kim Barbarji, and Hanna Eby. And last, but never least, because we couldn't do this without their support: Em Parente and Traci Jones, who always do their best to find the financial support necessary to offset the cost of these events; and Anthem Healthkeepers who have agreed to a $2500 donation to support our work so that more families can attend (big shout out to Thomas Raper that makes this happen for us!). We are also grateful to the Patrick Henry YMCA which has offered Saturday morning at the Y for up to 25 children ages 5-13. 

NewFound Families will cover $75 dollars of cost per person through support from our sponsors...this leaves only a registration fee for the event of $40 per adult and $30 per child (no charge for infants under 24 they will not need to be registered). This is the fee whether you attend for one day or all four days,; we hope you will stay for all 4 days! Over the course of the event, registrants will receive 3 meals and parents will receive up to 15 hours of training for the cost of the registration fee.

The registration fee does NOT cover lodging which you will be able to arrange directly from the registration site with a link to your choice of 5 hotels depending on your family needs or any rewards program you have with specific hotel chains. The room costs range from $99-$114 depending on type of room and hotel chain.  If your family camps there is a local Ameri-Camp where you can park your trailer or put up your tent just a few miles from our Camp-ference activities. We also STRONGLY urge you to get this information to your local agency ASAP, and ask for them to assist you by covering the training and lodging costs through any allocations they MAY be able to receive from the state for recruitment, retention, or training of foster, adoptive, or kinship families. 

Virginia families...all child care activities and events for the children provided while training is scheduled will be provided by a corporate child care provider fully licensed with background checked staff (0-13 years old) or Project LIFE (14 years and up) without charge to the family...thanks to the Virginia Department of Social Services and Anthem Healthkeepers. This cost would otherwise be approximately $160 per child. So, a BIG thank you to our sponsors!!!

And, workers, we have not left you out. We would love for you and your family to join us as well. It is a great environment for all of us to get together, learn together, and be together...because...WE BELONG TOGETHER! We have organized the event in hopes that these are topics of interest to you as well. In addition, we have found our camps to be a great way to introduce prospective adoptive families to children available for adoption and meet the current foster parents to the child. It is a low stress environment for both children and families.

Below we have included the link to the program. We will begin registration once we have determined if we will be able to offer FREE child camp program to all children in attendance. 





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