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Hi! This is Cate Hawks, your Executive Director. I am pleased to be representing all of you at the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) meetings this week. I serve on the State Council of Affiliates representing Virginia and I am a member of the NFPA Board of Directors, as well. We have had some great coversations these past two days. I want to share with you a few really cool things for you to consider and to let you know about something we are working on for you and your families.

During the NFPA Council of State Affiliate's meeting, we had very rich discussions about the need for recreational activities for children that you are all caring for and nurturing. During that conversation, I began doing a bit of research about our national parks entrance fees. In that research, I discovered two there is a national park program giving free national park passes to EVERY 4th grader in the US...AND, a national park program providing FREE lifetime park passes to persons with disabilities and this includes those receiving Social Security Disability Income checks. Many of the children in foster care are eligible for social security disability income as well as children who have been adopted or living in kinship care homes.

We have also contacted the Virginia Department of Natural Resources to rekindle our previous request for free state park passes for our families. I have not heard back from the Virginia director working on this option, but will update this article when I do hear back. 

In the meantime, please be sure to apply for your FREE national park pass, if the children in your home qualify and this would be an opportunity that would assist your family.

Will post more later. Thanks for being with us!

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