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Meet Our Weekly Support Chat Facilitator, Cindi Maurice

Being a parent is definitely not easy. But being a foster, adoptive, or kinship parent can be even more of a struggle. There are so many questions that can go unanswered and resources that are unknown. That’s why we started our weekly support chats. No foster, kinship, or adoptive parent should go it alone. You need a support system of other parents who are experiencing the same things you are - and a place you can go to for help or advice.

How our Chats Work

Each Wednesday at 9pm, one of our facilitators covers a different topic in our private Facebook Group. The topics vary from finding respite or childcare to specific policies or resources. We’re always here to provide support and help. The best part is, it’s not one sided! Lots of members (aka parents) join in on the conversation to add their knowledge or ask questions. We are so grateful for our parent volunteers so we decided to highlight them on the blog.

Meet Cindi

Cindi Maurice has been involved with fostering, kinship care, and the adoption community for many years and provided support and knowledge to other parents as a chat facilitator. Here’s Cindi’s story, her expertise, and advice for future viewers! 

How are you involved with foster care, kinship care, and/or adoption?

My husband, Chris, and I have been married for 33 years. We have a biological daughter, Kimberly. We got involved in foster care after the passing of our second daughter, Katherine, in 1992. We were a licensed family day home at the time. We did respite care for other families for a year before getting our first foster placement. Two of our kids became available for adoption in 1995. Chronologically, they are 17 months apart. I tell everyone they are 10 weeks apart because that's how they came to us. Brad and Sarah look like they could be biological siblings but are not.

We thought our permanent family was complete. The Good Lord and DSS had other plans. Daniel came January 2004 with DSS stating they only needed 30 days. Four months later, his goal was changed and 26 months after that his finalization was complete in March 2006. We continued to foster until October 2006. We became Kinship providers in November 2014 to our younger daughter's son, Riley. He went back to mom in August 2015. We now have our older son and his two sons living with us.

How did you get involved with NewFound Families?

They sponsored the NFPA conference in Norfolk 4-5 years ago. We went, met Cate and her team, was impressed. The rest is history! 

What do you love about the weekly chats?

Members helping and supporting each other...even when there are only two of us chatting.

What topics do you focus on?

Special Education, FASDs and other disabilities. NewFound Families and Formed Families Forward were encouraging in the launch of my first ever professional webinar.

What's one thing you would tell someone who was hesitant to participate?

No matter your background, there is something or someone that can help you along the journey.

As we all know, parenthood is amazing, but it can be tough. It’s so important to spread as much knowledge as possible to each other. With weekly chats like this, you can surround yourself with supportive individuals that truly care for your well being and the well being of your children. Join in on your first chat this Wednesday when you join the NewFound Families Support Group on Facebook, and check out our Facebook page to learn more about how we can create encouraging and helpful safety net.

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