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Follow along with NewFound Families as we work to support families. In this news column we seek to provide current information about the admininistration of the child welfare system. Become part of our community and join us on Facebook.

For the most part, the maintenance payment received by foster parents is to help with the cost of transporting children to school. However, there are times when a decision is made that it is in the best interest of the child to continue attending the school they attended prior to entering foster care. In such cases, there are funds available to help cover the transportation cost.


Click here to learn more about the decision-making process regarding allowing children to conitnue attending their school of record prior to entering foster care.

Whether you are an adoptive, foster, or kinship parent, you are well aware of the expense associated with multiple medical and therapeutic appointments. There is some relief for you through a program called, Logisiticare. This is a Medicaid-funded program designed to offset the cost of transporting patients to Medicaid-eligible appointment. To be eligible for the mileage reimbursement or transportation program, the person being transported must be a Medicaid client and must be requesting transportation/reimbursement to a Medicaid eligible provider appointment.


During this past year, you may have agreed to open your home to new children…perhaps you became a foster parent or continued fosterin;, adopted a child; or took over the legal custodial care of a relative’s child. A part of that responsibility includes financial obligations. The funds provided by the local, state, and federal governments are seldom sufficient to raise the child in a manner that provides for all of their basic needs let alone special needs. Knowing that, government does provide for certain tax benefits to help you afford to continue to provide for the children in your care. In this article, we will break down some of the basics of tax benefits for foster, adoption, and kinship care.

As the new year approaches, we are not asking you to open your wallets to help fund our work. We know that every dime you have is being invested in the children you are raising. AND, that is where your money should go..we will find our own funds to continue to work for you.

We DO need your time, though. 

We NEED you to be the CHANGE you want to see in Virginia.

You are MY family! You have done everything to make me feel a part of everything going on during the holidays. I am so appreciative. Please know that, because at some point I might withdraw a bit and remember my birth mom and dad. I might wonder what they are doing. I know I belong here and I do love it here, but there might be some time that I need to myself just to remember. 

1. You may be able to help me with a special card that just lets me know you are here to listen and that I can say what is on my mind. I don't want to hurt you, so giving me permission to talk could help.

2. If I have a good relationship with my birth grandparents or cousins, you might consider asking them to give me a call...if that would be safe.

3. I would love to have my own special tradition with you like you have with your other kids. Could we think up something together or you could just surprise know me VERY well.

Generally, I won't start feeling withdrawn till after all the festivities, so just check in on me...but, not so everyone notices! Thanks!

When relatives are raising the children of relatives a new family dynamic develops. Listen to what may be in the hearts of the children.

1. I wonder if Mom or Dad will show up, this year.

2. I bet it is hard on grandma to make Christmas special this year. She doesn't have much money and I know it hurts her that there isn't much under the tree.

3. My cousins are great fun, but I never had to live with them before, and now they have to share Christmas with me. I hope everything goes OK.

If you see children withdrawing during the holidays these may be some of the feelings they are sorting out. You might want to find a simple family gathering activity you can all do together to take the pressure a board game; pop some corn and watch a movie; decorate some sugar cookies; have a baked potato bar for dinner;or anything simple that they can participate in, but does not create more stress for YOU!


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