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Follow along with NewFound Families as we work to support families. In this news column we seek to provide current information about the admininistration of the child welfare system. Become part of our community and join us on Facebook.

It was 10 years ago that we developed this organization as FACES of Virginia Families: Adoption, Foster, and Kinship Association. We are still the only family support and respite organization in Virginia. However, during this past 10 years more and more organizations have been incorporated using the name FACES. As a result, we are no longer distinguishable by our name alone. In the past, we have even received donation checks that were intended for other FACES organizations and had to find them and send them the check. 

From Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction.

So, let’s say that you have 4 children living in your home. Each one with their own set of demands on your schedule from therapy appointments, to worker and parent visits, school outings, homework, and so much more. You do all of this out of love and compassion, and by the end of the day all you want to do is fall back onto your bed and collapse…forget about brushing your teeth, doing the dishes…just collapse. With all of that who has time to think about self-care. You may actually be thinking I don’t even have time to read this blog. I understand. I, also, must ask you to please take the time. Your first step toward self-care and compassion satisfaction may begin by reading this article.

"The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet."- Dr. Naomi Rachel Remen

Do any of these things EVER apply to you, if so, you just might want to keep reading…

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Worry that you are not doing enough for the traumatized person
  • Diminished joy toward things that you used to enjoy
  • Blaming others for the difficulties you are experiencing
  • Feeling hopeless for the traumatized person
  • Dreaming about the traumatized person’s experiences
  • Physical AND Mental Exhaustion
  • Rejecting intimacy
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Low self image
  • Detachment from your friends and loved ones
  • Accidents and errors
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Memory difficulties

Welcome to our creative corner! Where we will chronicle the continued growth and development of FACES of Virginia Families and the wisdom that comes from our collective community of foster, adoptive, and kinship families here in Virginia.

My name is Cate Hawks and I am the Founding Executive Director of FACES of Virginia Families. I am looking forward to writing for you about the lessons I learn from families just like yours.

Tonight, I would like to focus on a new development we are considering at FACES of Virginia Families.

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