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Tiger Taming Drills Webinar: Neuro Informed Discipline with kids from tough places! By Amy Reamer

What can I expect? 

  • A basic understanding of the importance of limit setting with kids who have experienced early neglect/trauma/caregiver change.  
  • How the impact of early/neglect trauma impacts brain development and how this manifests in a relationship with authority figures.
  • At least 3 strategies to use to help reduce defiance and improve cooperation and following directions/accepting limits.

Amy Reamer is a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered play therapist, certified trauma practitioner, and assessor.  Amy owns Heart and Mind Therapy Services, a group mental health practice in the Richmond, VA area and Tame Your Tiger Brain Training, and is the author of “Toby the Tiger Tamer”. 

Amy became a therapist because of her experiences going through the process to be an adoptive parent. She became fascinated with the impact of trauma and neglect on brain development and how there seemed to be a lack of services that had a positive, lasting and healing impact on children that have experienced chronic trauma and/or neglect in their early years. Play therapy was a natural fit for Amy’s personality and the need to reach children in a way that talking often does not.

This webinar will be done via zoom through a URL link. You will also be able to find this webinar on NewFound Families Facebook and Youtube as well as our webinar archives on our website after the live version is recorded and uploaded! 

Event Details

Event date Friday, May 24, 2019 - 10:00 am
Per person registration fee Free
Location Online Webinar : Via Zoom
Event Categories General

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